Breaking Down Parenting and Emotional Intelligence (with Deanne Ogden)

Published on
January 22, 2020

In this episode...

Mitch and Ro speak with Deanne Ogden, Founder of Trinity Kids Australia and mum of three boys.

Deanne speaks to us about becoming a more conscious parent (and gives us some tips) and the amazing work she's doing to foster emotional intelligence in kids. Deanne has a huge heart and speaking to her was like catching up with an old friend. We hope you enjoy listening in.

You can find out more about Deanne and Trinity Kids Australia at her website HERE and click HERE to follow her on facebook.


Deanne Ogden

Deanne is the founder and owner of Trinity Kids Australia. Home schooling mama bear to 2 teens and 1 tween, she has walked the path of mindful parenting for many years.


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